Site- built and System-built construction are nearly Identical – virtually all the same building materials fitted together in the same manner. The difference is that while a site- built home is put together piece by piece on location, system-built homes are built as large components in a factory controlled environment. These components are then delivered to the home site and assembled. System –built homes are delivered up to 90% complete.

FASTER OCCUPANCY: With system-built construction, you will be living in and enjoying your new home sooner. While your home is being built in a factory controlled environment, Vieregge Construction will be preparing the home site and completing the foundation. When your home components are delivered, they are assembled by our knowledgeable set crew within a few days. On average, the completion time for a system-built home is half that of a site built home.

SUPERIOR STRENGTH AND QUALITY: System-built homes are better built. Their construction is more precise and is done in the controlled environment of Wisconsin Homes modern factory facility. Your home is constructed by a trained specialist experienced in a specific area of home construction. A third party inspector checks each stage and assures the home meets all state building codes at its destination site. The homes are engineered and built stronger because the components have to be transported by truck and then lifted into place by a crane. System- built homes contain 20 to 30 percent more material than site- built homes.

SUPERIOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY: A Wisconsin Home is tighter and more energy efficient than site built-homes because of their precision construction and incorporation of more materials. In addition to a form-fit Tyvek wrap, optimal insulation in walls and ceilings, triple pane low-E windows and insulated exterior doors, Wisconsin Homes uses foil backed drywall on exterior walls to create a more efficient vapor barrier – a feature exclusive to Wisconsin Homes.


  1. Cost Savings: There is typically a cost savings of 15-20 percent
  2. Shorter Completion Time: You pay less interest on construction loans
  3. Volume Discounts: Allow Wisconsin Homes to pass that savings on to you
  4. Energy Efficiency: You save more with lower energy and cooling costs
  5. Appraisals: Wisconsin Homes appreciate and appraise in value the same as site- built homes


CUSTOMIZE AND UPGRADE: Wisconsin Homes offers exceptional quality, value and flexibility. Your home is built to your specific wishes. Wisconsin Homes is a fully custom home builder. There are over 100 home designs to start from. Then customize the plan to fit your personal preferences. Wisconsin Homes come standard with many upscale features. You can upgrade or add just about anything special you wish. The possibilities are endless.

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